Rates & Specials

We’ve got the right rate just for you! Book an appointment with us today that meets your needs.

30 Minute Session: $40.00

60 Minute Session: $60.00

90 Minute Session: $90.00

120 Minute Session: $120.00

Traveling Services: $1/Minute Plus $10 Setup Fee

Take Advantage of Our Special Offers

If you live in the Cedar Rapids area and are enjoying the pain-relieving massage therapy at Performance Therapy, be sure to refer a friend. It’s a wonderful way to help people who also suffer from chronic pain. If your friend attends their appointment, you will get $10 off your next massage.

Studies show that massage therapy is most beneficial when it’s performed regularly. We make it easy on you – when you purchase five massages up front, your sixth one will be free.