Neuromuscular Therapy

The Benefits of Massage Therapy In Cedar Rapids

Working and raising a family can be hectic. If you’re like most people, stress builds up in your neck, shoulders and other joints. You may also have a job that requires a lot of lifting and other physical labor. All this stress and overwork manifests as chronic pain. It can also make your muscles feel weak, pinched and tired.

Relaxation massage from Performance Therapeutics relies on deep tissue massage to help relax tired tendons and muscles. Stress tightens them and makes them burn and ache. When the massage therapist gently kneads and rubs these tendons and muscles, they become smooth and relaxed. Many clients feel like their whole body just melts in relaxation.

Relaxation massage is also ideal for people who are suffering from stiff joints or sports injuries. If you live Cedar Rapids, IA, you can take advantage of this massage therapy we offer.