Lymphatic Drainage

Alleviating Lymphatic Problems

Did you know that your lymph nodes are connected throughout your whole body by a complex lymphatic system? It carries lymph fluid throughout your body and is the main component of your immune system. If you have blockages in your lymphatic system, you may be experiencing chronic pain and illness. Oftentimes, a stressed and overworked body is the result of this imbalance.

Our massage therapist in Cedar Rapids, IA works with clients who have problems with their lymphatic systems. Sometimes, swollen lymph nodes may be noted in problem areas of the body. In the lymphatic drainage technique, the massage therapist uses light pressure and gentle strokes to increase circulation in the lymphatic system. Not only does it boost immunity, it also promotes the release of toxins from within the body. When it is draining correctly, you are less likely to suffer from pain and other ailments.

For people in the Cedar Rapids, IA area, there is a massage therapy technique that can help you. We will be glad to explain lymphatic drainage and a host of other beneficial massage therapies. Contact us to find out more.